Ways to Survive In The Wilderness


Sometimes you might not be able to enjoy life as it has always been and to make it through you need survival skills. You may have accompanied your friends for a camp in the wilderness on a weekend.  For you to come out alive, you will take it upon yourself to find healthy food to eat, collect and purify water to drinking and ensure that you are safe.  Here are some of the survival skills that you should be equipped with for hardship like in the wilderness.

No matter the situation your body will always require food for you to survive at this website.  Food is essential for the body as it is the source of energy and ensure are you are healthy. to get food you will need the skills to identify the plants and insects that are edible.  You should have the knowledge about edible plants and insects from their physical properties. Generally, milky plants, hairy plants, bulbous plants, and plants with three leaves are known to be poisonous.  Plants are nutritionally rich in vitamins and small quantities of proteins which are not all that the body needs to function accordingly.  To have enough proteins and fats for your body, you will have to gather insects and hunt animals such as antelopes. Edible insects in the wilderness include bees, grasshoppers, worms and much more.

 Water is life and makes it very important for the body.  Water being rare in the wilderness you should find out how to collect it from the limited sources available. The water collected is usually unhealthy for drinking and should be purified first.  You can find some water by harvesting rainwater or dig deep holes in muddy areas for water to surface. You can purify your water by boiling it in a glass or aluminum tin over fire. Know more about survival at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/survival.

 It is usually cold during the nights, and the possible source of warmth is fire that can also be used for some other purposes such as cooking and security.  Knowledge on how to start and maintain fire is essential.  In the absence of a matchbox, you can apply the old means such as striking stones and initiate friction dry firewood.  Starting the fire is always cumbersome, and therefore you should make sure it doesn’t go off. You can also fall ill in the wilderness and therefore you should have knowledge of the right herbs to take to restore your health.  Other skills that are important include first aid, self-defense, and preparation of housing, click here to get started!


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